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The Qureshi name is synonymous with good eating for over 200 years and traces its lineage to legendary chefs and kitchens of the Nawabs of Awadh. Over the years they have developed, innovated, even researched manuscripts and almost single handedly brought alive once again, age-old recipes and styles like the celebrated ‘Tandoor’ and ‘Dum’ - two Internationally recognized cooking styles, which today can be pretty much defined as Qureshi’s Heritage cuisine The distinction of making Indian Heritage cuisine world famous undoubtedly belongs to Grand Master Chef Imtiaz Qureshi. He was responsible for introducing the concept of the ‘Stand-up Tandoor’ and ‘Dum’ by researching and perfecting them as Chef, at the various restaurants. 


Chef Imtiaz created recipes that are now on the menus of numerous Indian restaurants world over. He went on to research and perfect more forgotten cuisines of the Nawabs of Awadh, Dum Cuisine - very well regarded Cuisine of Qureshi Restaurants around the world. Qureshi Restaurant at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club will be the Qureshi family’s newest international venture and the first in Malaysia. The Qureshi Restaurant is sure to be the choice of both families and corporates seeking a delicious dining experience along with soothing Indian Music. A unique feature of the restaurant is its live Tandoor/ Barbeque area. It is a specially designed glass encased Tandoor/ Grill that will allow guests to actually see their orders being freshly prepared for them. It comfortably seats 80 persons with 2 private dining rooms. 

Visit the Qureshi Restaurant at KLGCC and indulge in a most definite memorable, dinner experience... Experience a spread that is fit for Royalty.

The Qureshi Heritage

From The Royal Kitchen To The World

The Qureshi inherited a legacy of more than two centuries and the family served as royal chefs to the Nawabs of Awadh for 10 generations. As a boy in Lucknow, young Imtiaz Qureshi trained under his uncle in one of the small kebabs and curry restaurants, found in crowded markets and by the roads. Lucknow is famous for its Mughal culture and etiquette. Soon his reputation grew and his big break led him to Delhi, India’s food capital and centre of power. Imtiaz experimented in Awadhi cuisine, from Lucknow, marking the amalgamation of two rich cultures and a cuisine favoured by the royal families. Imtiaz is today, a master chef of the Dumpukht cuisine.

A Tale of Two Brothers

Dishing Up Heritage, With A Twist

The Qureshi clan is today renowned throughout India and the family are master chefs with businesses in Dubai, Delhi and Abu Dhabi. Carrying forward this culinary torch of excellence are Grand Master Chef Imtiaz Qureshi’s two sons, Ashfaque Qureshi and Irfan Qureshi. Like their father, both are grand masters in this unique and historic cuisine. They have opened restaurants in top international hotels and treated hundreds and thousands of people with their culinary excellence. Adding to the generations of heritage, the two brothers were more formally trained, and have a solid grounding in Continental cuisine. It is not surprising that the brothers concocted fusion contemporary dishes such as a crème brulee phirni or duck tikkas suitable for fine dining.

Keeping up with modern trends, they are not afraid to make their cuisine lighter, to appeal to a new generation of international diners.

“Our father, was a well-known for experimenting. It is a family trait,” says Ashfaque. Nevertheless, deeply grounded in tradition, the brothers recall their grandfather being the chef of the Nawab of Awadh right up to 120 years of age with pride. A love for art and sports would indicate a regular childhood except an intense introduction to the workings of the kitchen, its rigorous discipline, smells and sights since young enhancing an already inborn flair and genius for cuisine.

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